ChilliPepperPete’s – Satan’s Shit Video Review

by Darth Naga on September 12, 2009 · 3 comments

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Chilli Pepper Pete - Satan's Shit

Chilli Pepper Pete - Satan's Shit

I’ve said all the prayers necessary..lined my stomach with bread and milk..left all my worldly possessions to Hot Juan…now it’s time to man up and try this stuff..

I am of course talking about a sauce from our good friend “ChilliPepperPete“, again this is a man (and a company) that needs no introduction and as such I’m not going to give him one! (or an introduction LOL) but the sauce today is a different matter altogether, this sauce contains ingredients hotter than hell itself and has been developed over time as an “ultrainsanelyOMFGhot” (yup i just made that word up) product by Peter Seymour himself, one of the fathers of the British hot sauce movement, and as such you know that if Pete says its hot, it’s REALLY hot.

There only a few people besides Pete in the hot sauce world that make products that are in the same category as this stuff and those people know what the word “ultra hot” actually means, and nutters like me love em for it!!

Ingredients: Fresh Naga, prunes, vinegar, blueberry juice, cherries, green tabasco, sugar, 12 Mill chilli extract, 15 Mill crystallised chilli extract.

This “Satan’s shit” looks like evil stuff, i have to be honest.. even on Pete’s website he says himself “Taste Satan’s last supper. This is what I believe HIS poo would taste like. This is for the chillihead from hell. When descending into the pit of doom take a jar with you to brighten the way”. So basically it’s a nice brown colour with flecks of red in it (from the Naga and cherries I believe) and the little glass jar has one of Pete’s newly designed logo’s on it and is very eye catching in shades of green and red with pics of old nick himself adorning the label.

I tentatively opened the jar after donning a hazmat suit, and lifted the helmet to take a tiny whiff…wow I could certainly smell the extract bubbling away in this beauty, it was at this point i suddenly went a little cold and began to fear for my life ( as is evident in the video), the sauce definitely had a fruity aroma to it also but this was masked quite well by the extract smell, not that it’s a bad thing as this sauce has been developed for this purpose, not as a treat for the kids but only for the most insane chile headz to consume.

I took my tasting spoon and dipped it into the sauce, taking the tiniest amount and swallowing it the heat kicked in almost immediately, it was then in those brief few seconds before my mouth entered the depths of the underworld that I could taste a hint of fruit, and for those moments it was nice, then the rollercoaster of ALMIGHTY F***ING AGONY hit me as it felt like the devil had punched me in the mouth!!

Once the camera had finished rolling, and i had consumed over 2 litres of milk (my mouth was still on fire even then!) I decided that this product was indeed one of the hottest things I had ever tasted, and as such have since placed it in a safe place away from the hands of lesser mortals lest they wish to gamble their lives.

This stuff is up there with Blairs “Ultra Death” and Hot-Headz “Who Dares Burns 2nd Assault“, at £10 a jar it’s certainly not the cheapest product you’ll buy, but imagine if you will that the amount I ate in the video has barely touched this stuff and that would be hot enough to make a really hot curry or chilli, and I think you’ll agree that with that, this product is excellent value for money and well worth a purchase, there is no alternative and I have already mentioned a couple of pouring sauces that are in the same league as this stuff, but beware if you do buy it, and you taste it neat..DO NOT blame me for the consequences, you have been warned! Good luck to those of you that purchase this amazing product, say hi to Pete when you see him and tell him The Chile Foundry sent you!!

May the sauce be with you my chilli padawans!!

You can order online at

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