Chile Pepper Company – Be Damned Extreme Chilli Sauce

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The Chilli Pepper Company - Be Damned

The Chilli Pepper Company - Be Damned

So here we are, it’s Sunday and I’m relaxing, I’ve just had a bath and now i think its the perfect time to do a review, and today I’m reviewing a sauce from the amazing “Chile Pepper Company“. Originally known as the Chile Seed Company (and still is!) but is becoming more popular now for its amazing range of hot sauces, the company was started back in ’99 by Gerald Fowler and has grown on from just doing the seeds, to doing hot sauces and other scorching products, I won’t go into too much detail as Hot Juan himself did a nice piece on them earlier this month on the 13th!

So the sauce i have here is the newest sauce to come from the Chile Pepper Company, and its known as “Be Damned” and by crikey judging from the label and colour of the contents alone I will be!!! The bottle itself sports a very colourful and glossy label with a picture of Beelzebub himself on it, it also has the Chile Pepper Company name and website address and “Handmade in Cumbria” proudly emblazoned on the front!

It comes in a 140ml bottle and the sauce inside is a beautiful rich red colour with black speckles ( these black speckles seem to be more common in cooked sauces) and the label on the back reads: “BEWARE Once eaten this will hurt”, it also has the list of ingredients.

Sweet peppers, Water, Vinegar, Onions, Apples, Sugar, Salt, Scotch Bonnets, Coriander, Thyme, Peppercorns, 7.3 million extract, 15 million pure capsaicin.

Okay, now note that this sauce contains TWO lots of extract, 7.3mil SHU extract and 15 Million SHU pure capsaicin crystal, so I was expecting this to be stupidly hot and possibly kill me (Hot Juan, i leave you my hot sauce collection! lol), I opened the bottle and did my usual sniff test to see what flavours i could detect before tasting the stuff.

I could immediately spell the peppers, vinegar, extract and onions (extract has a distinct smell and taste that is unmistakable to most seasoned Chile Headz) and I was pleasantly surprised that the extract smell was not overpowering, but what of the taste? I took out my tasting spoon and gingerly poured some out for consumption…

Upon placing the laden spoon into my mouth and eating the sauce the first thing that hit me was the flavour of the peppercorns and scotch bonnets, the heat then kicked in MASSIVELY! I am pleased to report that the extract flavour isn’t anywhere near as noticeable as others on the market and it has a great handmade quality to it, slightly chunky as well! At first the heat wasn’t too bad so I took a second spoonful and my eyes, nose and face stared running, it was at this point i realised this is a sauce where the heat builds and is certainly not for beginners!

I would Say that this sauce is very good value for money at £8.50 a bottle it is certainly up there with the greatest of ultra hot sauces but without the metallic aftertaste of the extract, it does however have a nice long burn factor that will have you sweating for a while and I would certainly buy a bottle today if i did not already have one!!

I hope you enjoyed another review of another ultra hot sauce, i honestly think i may have a screw loose somewhere inside my brain to be tasting all this stupidly hot stuff for you folks out there to read about, a lot of people think I’m mad, but then they haven’t tasted some of the amazing sauces that I have, and “Be Damned” is no exception to this rule!! May the sauce be with you!!

You can order Be Damned online at

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