Chilefoundry Newsletter August 2009

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A summary of articles from the Chilefoundry during August 2009, click the links to see the full stories.

Daves Gourmet Garlic Chile Sauce (31st August 2009)

The first flavour that immediately hits me is the garlic, its relatively low on the list but the flavour and presence is intense, then i get a sharp pang of heat, it’s got a black peppery tang to it even though there is no black pepper in this sauce, it hits hard but dies down very quickly, this is the kind of sauce that i think almost anyone who likes spicy food will enjoy, its full of flavour and has a satisfying heat punch to keep the hardened chile headz among us happy!

Dave's Gourmet - Garlic Chilli Sauce

Dave's Gourmet - Garlic Chilli Sauce

Pimientos de Padrón – Russian Roulette Tapas (30th August 2009)

A speciality of North West Spain the Pimientos de Padrón has a unique genetic twist, about one in five to one in ten are hot.

Originally brought by 18th Century Franciscan Monks from Mexico to the North Western Spanish monastery of Convento Franciscano in an town called Padrón in the Galicia region of Spain.

Hot Headz & Scorchio Top 10 Products?—? August 2009 (29th August 2009)

Each month we look at the best selling products from some of the UK largest retail­ers, this gives us and you an idea of what is selling well (So what we need to review)

Hot-Headz Naga sauce wins Gold Award from the Guild Of Fine Food (29th August 2009)

Hot-Headz Naga Bhut Jolokia Chilli Sauce has been awarded a Gold Award from the Guild Of Fine Food.

Quinta’s Piri-Piri Hot Sauce (28th August 2009)

My latest review sauce comes to us from a company called “Marovina” who manufacture different sauces and foods under private labels or (in this case) their own label “Quinta D’ Avo” which apparently means “The grandmother farm”. They are based in Portugal, close to Lisbon and the company has only 15 main employees but up to 40 when the busy season hits, and they pride themselves on making all natural, healthy sauces and foods.

Top 10 UK Chilli Web Sites?—?August 2009 (27th August 2009)

Who’s web site draws the most traffic, by look­ing at this list you can­not help that draw the con­clu­sion that the num­ber of qual­ity links to a site has a sig­ni­fic­ant bene­fit on it num­ber of vis­it­ors (Google we under­stand uses the num­ber and qual­ity of the links to a site as part of it PageR­ank™ sys­tem), if you look at the con­tent of the sites at the top of the list­ing you also find that the amount of tex­tural con­tent is also a major factor.

Thrilli Foods – Thrilli Green Chilli Pickle (26th August 2009)

This pickle is second to none, seriously i swear there was a full blown party going on in my mouth when i tried this stuff, there were all the right flavours that go so well with chilli, the spices and garlic just lifting this product high above any other chilli pickles, and the heat was just perfect, it brought sweat to my forehead but there was such a gentle burn, the sort of burn that makes you want a little more as it really does feel good and taste so amazing!! if only the high street manufacturers would take a leaf out of Thrilli Foods book then we’d never have bland boring pickle again!

Wessex Chilli Festival – Cheese and Grain Hall in frome (25th August 2009)

Matt Simpson from Simpsons Seeds has started his own Chilli Festival, this will be it’s first year, it is being held in the Cheese and Grain Hall in Frome on the 27th Sepetember.

Hot-Headz – Chile Foundry Readers Special Offer (25th August 2009)

Spend £30 at and get a free hot sauce 3 Pack including Pyromania, Tongues Of Fire and Brutal Bajun, each of which is an excellent sauce on their own.

Chilli Pepper Pete – Launches designs for lables and web site (25th August 2009)

Chilli Pepper Pete has a new look! They have redesigned the web site, with a new style and logo and the labels for the bottles will be all following the new design. While Pete’s products have always been excellent, they are now starting to looks very professional.

Chilli Pepper Weekend with Michael Michaud (24th August 2009)

Explore the spicier side of vegetable growing at the Chilli Pepper Weekend the RHS Garden Hyde Hall where you will enjoy plant displays, food stalls, talks and cookery demonstrations.

New Nordic Chili Burn – Helps weight management and digestive upsets (24th August 2009)

We have seen a number of books which use the chilli as part of a weight loss diet plan, but now there is a diet tablet from New Nordic that has taken over 7 years to develop, it uses natural ingredients including the Chilli.

Chili Madness: A Passionate Cookbook

Chili Madness: A Passionate Cookbook

Chili and the Chili Cook-off (23rd August 2009)

In the USA they have two rival groups that promote this most America of foods, the chili, “Chili Appreciation Society, International” (CASI) and the” International Chili Society” both organize chilli cook-off’s to raise money for charitable works.

The Great Chile Book – Mark Miller (22nd August 2009)

The book is divided in to four sections starting with a brief introduction to Chiles which covers there history and introduction from the new world with lots of anecdotal tips and information, this is followed by the Fresh Chiles (Chiles Frescos) section which as you would suspect is an identification guide to over 40 varieties of Fresh chillies, with short descriptions of each and a photograph, then follow a section on Dried Chiles (Chiles Secos) which covers 40 varieties of dried chillies, and finally a short recipe section which provides something for everybody.

Cool Chile Co – Chipotle Chile Ketchup (21st August 2009)

The Cool Chile Co’s Chipotle Chile Ketchup come is a 270g dumpy bottle, on opening you can smell tomatoes and vinegar with a hint of smoke, the flavour is sweet and smoky and warm.

Edible Ornamentals to supply Morrisons in East Anglia (20th August 2009)

Joanna Plumb owner of Edible Ornamentals has won the contract to supply Morrisons in East Anglia with Chillies, under the “From My Farm” brand.

Chilli Varieties:- Chilly Chilli Ornamental F1 Pepper (19th August 2009)

Chilly Chilli

Chilly Chilli

This Chilli is what they call a “Child/Family Safe” variety as its fruits have no heat, it is an ideal patio plant with its beautiful display of up to 5 cm long peppers which are helf above the folage.

Improve you home growth chillies with Chilli Focus from Growth Technology (18th August 2009)

I found the product at the West Dean Chilli Fiesta and was told that chillies and peppers have specific nutritional requirements. What I was using was fine, but for the best results i should replace my general general purpose tomato feed, for a formulation designed specifically for them.

Mr Singh’s Punjabi Chilli Sauce – Dynamite Hot (17th August 2009)

When I first picked up this sauce, it has that quality feel about it, the square bottle is heavy and solid, and the contents looks thick and colourful, the labels are informative and well produced.

Simple Recipies for Chilli Sherry to Cook or Drink (16th August 2009)

I have made a number of different versions of Chilli Sherry over the years, some to drink and some to cook with, generaly the differance is the heat and flavour of the chillies used and the quality of the sherry.

Here Comes the Gibraltar Naga (Well Spanish) (14th August 2009)

Chilli Pepper Pete has been involved in setting up a project to grow the Naga in Spain, just over the border from Gibraltar; they are grown in poly tunnels and the high temperatures in the tunnels stress the plants making the pods incredibly hot, The pods are then semi dried (demise) for shipping.

The Chilli Pepper Company (AKA The Chile Seed Company) (13th August 2009)

The Chilli Pepper Company is a small family business founded by Gerald Fowler, from their base in Cumbria they make and sell a ever increasing range of products, starting with Chilli Seeds, they have expanded to Hot Sauces (Some we have already reviewed), Whole and Powdered chillies, Chilli Chocolate as well as Tomato and vegetable seeds.

Legal action – The Chilli Garden Web Site – Images removed (12th August 2009)

There is trouble at The Chilli Garden a small family run business situated in a wooded vale in the Hampshire countryside.

Joanna Plumb of Edible Ornamentals appearing in “Economy Gastronomy” On BBC2 Wednesday (12th August 2009)

Joanna Plumb of Edible Ornamentals has been filmed for the upcomming BBC program “Economy Gastronomy” on BBC2 this Wednesday.

Berberé (or Berbere) Recipe – A Hot Spice Mixture from Ethiopia. (11th August 2009)

Berberé originates from Ethiopia. It is a very hot dry spice mix and has become the basis for most Ethiopian cuisine. It should have a course texture, so don’t grind it to a fine powder.

Waddesdon – Chilli Festival 5th and 6th September 2009 (10th August 2009)

Now it its third year The Waddesdon Chilli Festival is full of stalls with chilli chocolate, ice creams, fiery sauces and mouth-watering chutneys, plants and dried chillies. Live music performances.

BBC Radio Sheffield – Rony’s Forum Interviews David Floyd about Chillies (10th August 2009)

Today after the story in the Dail Mail about West Dean, we had a call here at ChileFoundry HQ, asking if I would be happy to do an interview for the BBC Radio Sheffield program “Rony’s Forum”

Daily Mail – Reports on West Dean Chilli Fiesta (10th August 2009)

Tanya Gold (Writer) & James Emmett (Photogprapher) from the Daily Mail visited the West Dean Chilli Fiesta

West Dean Chilli Fiesta 2009 – Quick report (10th August 2009)

Fire Foods

Fire Foods

West Dean is over for another year, and I think it was the best yet. The parking was very well organised and the queue to get in was long, but moved very quickly, this is a slick operation and an excellent day out for the family.

Belfast Chillifest 2009 – 25th till 27th Spetember 2009 (9th August 2009)

Three days of red hot American music, food and ice cold beer. Good with kids, great without!

The Lakes Chilli Fest at Levens Hall?—?15th & 16th August 2009 (9th August 2009)

The 2nd Lakes Chilli Fest will be held on the 15th and 16th August 2009 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m

Recommended reading for the Chilli Fan, supplied by Amazon (August 9th 2009)

We have been searching Amazon for a recommend reading list, and this is what we found.

Make Your Own Chilli Oil – Simple and Easy Recipe (8th August 2009)

Chilli oil is very simple to make, unlike other infused oils you will need to heat the oil to get the best out of the chillies.

Hot-Headz Pure Naga Jolokia Chilli Paste – Video Review (7th August 2009)

Well…i honestly thought i was tough, i thought i could literally handle ANYTHING hot…heck i’ve tasted 7.4million shu extract NEAT and lived to tell the tale..but this stuff…it brought tears to my eyes, and MORE!!

The Chilli Pepper Company – Hot Curry Sauce (AKA Satan’s Ashes) (6th August 2009)

The Chilli Pepper Company - Satans Ashes

The Chilli Pepper Company - Satans Ashes

This sauce is hot, very hot, you won’t find this in a supermarket, the flavours are big and rustic it’s not just heat for the hell of it. Gerald has called the sauce “Satan’s Ashes” with seem to sum thing up very well. I have to admit, I have now stirred in some cooling yoghurt into mine (even hardened chilli headz need some protection).

Tiger Beer Chilli Crab Festival – On Tour (5th August 2009)

The Singapore unofficial national dish is Chilli Crab< the Tiger Beer Team has a specially created Tiger Beer Chilli Crab Van and will be visit 4 venues around the country serving up the exceptional dish.

Blair’s Pure Death Sauce – Review (5th August 2009)

So here I sit, looking longingly at my latest review sauce “Blair’s Pure Death”, it’s a sauce I have bought before, in fact my first taste was at last year’s Chile Fiesta in West Dean Gardens (Be there or be square chilefanz!! 8th and 9th of august this year!!).
I bought the bottle from the Hot Headz stand ( for those not in the know!), but it can also be bought at depending on shop preference really.

West Dean Chilli Fiesta 8th-9th August 2009 (4th August 2009)

The West Dean Chilli Fiesta is just a few day away, it is time to get ready for the largest chilli event in the UK.

Guide to BBQ Roasted Red Peppers (4th August 2009)

Red Peppers are cheap at the moment, and are fantastic roasted on the BBQ, and then served in a salad, made into a soup, or even preserved pickled in vinegar.

ChileFoundry Traffic Report (3rd August 2009)

We have been growing very quickly since we started the blog, in July we served nearly 6000 pages a large jump on the month before during which we served 2000+ pages.

Chilli Varieties:- Super Chilli F1 (2nd August 2009)

The Super Chilli is part of the Capsicum Annuum Spices of chillies, it was the first chilli plant I grew in my green house, and it lived up to it name, being very simple grow and produced a very impressive crop.

Encona West Indian Original Hot Pepper Sauce (August 2nd 2009)

Today the sauce I am tasting comes from a company that (according to the website!) has been around for over 60 years! that makes it one of the longest running hot sauce companies around (i believe the Tabasco sauce company, McIlhenny’s have been around the longest) Encona was first formed in 1946, but the first hot sauce from the company only started appearing in 1975 after the popularity of Caribbean food in the UK began to bloom during the 50’s and 60’s when west indians first arrived on our shores.

Chilefoundry Newsletter July 2009 (1st August 2009)

A summary of articles from the Chilefoundry during July 2009.

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