Daves Gourmet Garlic Chile Sauce

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Dave's Gourmet - Garlic Chilli Sauce

Dave's Gourmet - Garlic Chilli Sauce

Word up my hot sauce homies!! today’s sauce comes all the way from the sultan of sweat himself Dave Hirschkop, yes Daves Gourmet is quite a famous company among chileheadz and in general really, he started the company up back in 1995 with a restaurant he owned and ran known as “Burrito Madness” near the university of Maryland, in a story which is remarkably similar to that of his fellow Lord of the flames Blair Lazar, Dave himself had problems with drunkards at his licensed restaurant so he decided to create a really hot sauce to drive the drunkards out or at least quieten them down.

He soon discovered that the hotter the sauce, the faster the drunks left his premises, and so he went on a mission to try and create the hottest sauce around, he started the company “Dave’s Gourmet”, moved the company to San Francisco, invented insanity sauce and took it to the national fiery foods show in New Mexico and the rest as they say, is history. Dave started an arms race for sauces that contain capsaicin extract in them to boost the heat, others have since taken on the challenge and as a result new and hotter sauces are being invented all the time, but we really have Dave and Blair to thank for the “super hot” hot sauce!

Anyway the sauce i have today is one of Dave’s milder offerings, a sauce by the name of “Daves Gourmet Garlic and Chile Sauce” and the ingredients of this sauce are below:

Ingredients: Chile puree (Chile peppers, citric acid), water, sugar, garlic, vinegar and salt.

Now the first thing i have to point out is how low vinegar is on the list of ingredients, now for those of you that don’t know the lower on the list that particular ingredient is the less of it there is, the ingredients are all in order of percentage, from highest to lowest! Now as i have pointed out vinegar is second to last!! and as such this sauce has no vinegary scent at all you can literally smell just chile and vinegar, so that impressed me straight away.

The bottle itself is the standard glass bottle with Dave’s staple logo on the front, which is a chile on a beach with shades on, subtle little things on the logo change with the different sauces (his ghost pepper sauce for example features the beach scene but with a ghostly white pepper rising from the lazing beach Chile) The sauce itself is a beautiful tomatoey red colour and makes itself look really appetizing, so in typical Darth Naga tradition i took this as an invite to sample the sauce inside!

The first flavour that immediately hits me is the garlic, its relatively low on the list but the flavour and presence is intense, then i get a sharp pang of heat, it’s got a black peppery tang to it even though there is no black pepper in this sauce, it hits hard but dies down very quickly, this is the kind of sauce that i think almost anyone who likes spicy food will enjoy, its full of flavour and has a satisfying heat punch to keep the hardened chile headz among us happy!

This sauce is available almost everywhere online, its £3.99 from Hot Headz or Scorchio and i believe this is one of Dave’s sauce that is still only available at speciality stores online as it hasn’t made it to ASDA unlike “Insanity sauce” and “Temporary insanity sauce” so if you really like garlic go and grab a bottle of this today, it’s not a sauce I’ll be buying regularly but its definitely a sauce i would recommend, especially if you love garlic!!

Seeya next time chile headz, until then may the sauce be with you!!

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