Quinta’s Piri-Piri Hot Sauce

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Quinta's Piri-Piri Hot Sauce

Quinta's Piri-Piri Hot Sauce

My latest review sauce comes to us from a company called “Marovina” who manufacture different sauces and foods under private labels or (in this case) their own label “Quinta D’ Avo” which apparently means “The Grandmother Farm”. They are based in Portugal, close to Lisbon and the company has only 15 main employees but up to 40 when the busy season hits, and they pride themselves on making all natural, healthy sauces and foods.

Hot chilli peppers (51%), fruit vinegar (36%), salt (9%), garlic (3%) and ginger. Contains sulphites.

This 155ml bottle of “Quinta’s Piri-Piri hot sauce” has a quite plain and unassuming green and beige label, with a picture of a chilli in red and a few choice words, the design is simple enough with the chilli adding interest and catching the eye. The sauce itself is a deep cherry red in colour with the odd black speckle here and there; overall it’s not a bad colour and is eye-catching enough to grab your attention.

I opened the bottle and my nose was immediately hit with the smell of vinegar and a hint of chilli, i couldn’t smell the garlic or ginger but then with such a low amount of said ingredient in the sauce i guess I wasn’t expecting much else.

I decided to give the sauce the benefit of the doubt (i have found odd smelling sauces to taste amazing in the past) and after tasting a spoonful i can honestly say that i was pleasantly surprised! The sauce did indeed taste vinegary but i could taste the garlic and chilli’s in the vinegar and i was oddly impressed with this, the vinegar taste almost enhances the chilli and garlic and twists it around in your mouth to create an almost fruity, spicy flavour that i can only compare to “Franks Red Hot” sauce as this is the only sauce it tastes remotely like!

This is definitely a beginner hot sauce, as with many others i have tried this is mild enough for most but with a hint of heat that will satisfy some chilli headz enough that they use it every day on everything as a general table sauce, and as such i believe that is where it belongs, on the table at dinnertime!

You can purchase this sauce for £1.99 from www.scorchio.co.uk and that’s pretty good value for a 155ml bottle, seeing as “Nando’s” peri peri sauces will set you back the same price for a smaller bottle, and buying this also helps o support a small family run business in Portugal, which in turn means they may create even more tasty sauces for us!! Go out and buy a bottle if you have tried all the supermarket ones and want something that isn’t AS mainstream, but not as specialist as some!!

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