Thrilli Foods – Thrilli Green Chilli Pickle (Updated)

by Darth Naga on August 26, 2009 · 2 comments

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Thrilli Green Chilli Pickle

Thrilli Green Chilli Pickle

Hi Chilefanz!!! Darth Naga here with another review for you all to digest, taken a bit of time off to recover a little after the insanity that was “West Dean Chilli Fiesta” (long story but it involves me, Hot Juan, Chilli Pepper Pete and a dried Spanish Naga!!)

Anyway I’m here with a beautiful product to start of another string of fun reviews, and this time its from a little company called “Thrilli Foods” based in Seaford, east Sussex. The company was started up by Debbie Harris back in may 2007, she wanted something nice and wholesome for her family to eat and chilli was among their favourites so she set about making green chilli pickle, from there she went on to make more of the pickle and sell it at school fairs and the like, then she took a break and didn’t make any more the following year, but her friends and family asked her to make more and so she did and now she  makes a range of eight very different homemade products including jams, pickles and chutneys, all of which contain Chilli!!


Green chilli’s (45%), garlic, extra virgin olive oil, white wine, vinegar, sugar, turmeric and spices.

As you can see from the list of the ingredients of “Thrilli green chilli pickle” this is an all natural product (really starting to love the all natural products!) there’s no preservative or MSG or e-numbers here! And it shows, the label on the jar is an absolutely beautiful homemade effort and its almost humble in its presentation, which i find amazing really..especially given the not so humble contents!!

The contents of the jar are a beautiful yellow-green colour very nice and chunky consistency, similar to that of a high quality piccalilli, but this is no ordinary pickle. Upon opening the jar i was greeted with a beautiful aroma or different spices, chilli and an almost buttery smell that had to be the olive oil and as such i was a little cautious that this might be a bit oily…BOY WAS I WRONG!!!

This pickle is second to none, seriously i swear there was a full blown party going on in my mouth when i tried this stuff, there were all the right flavours that go so well with chilli, the spices and garlic just lifting this product high above any other chilli pickles, and the heat was just perfect, it brought sweat to my forehead but there was such a gentle burn, the sort of burn that makes you want a little more as it really does feel good and taste so amazing!! if only the high street manufacturers would take a leaf out of Thrilli Foods book then we’d never have bland boring pickle again!

This is a product which i want more of NOW!! i am already halfway through the jar I received and I’ve only had it a few days!! I think the only criticism I have is that Thrilli don’t have a proper online store at the moment and as such you have to email Debbie with an order or get to farmers markets and such, check out their website to see what shows they will be attending and if you do, trust me you will not regret it!!

I could go on and praise this delightful pickle for being one of the most amazing things I have tasted, but all I will say is buy a jar TODAY and you will not look back, I have been informed by Debbie that the Green chilli pickle retails for £3.80 a jar which in my mind is an absolute STEAL, it’s THAT good!

Support UK made products and go buy a jar of this today, check the website out and tell Debbie the ChileFoundry sent you!!

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