The Chilli Pepper Company – Hot Curry Sauce (AKA Satan’s Ashes)

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The Chilli Pepper Company - Satans Ashes

The Chilli Pepper Company - Satans Ashes

We had a second sauce from Gerald at The Chilli Pepper Company, this time a hot curry sauce, again this was a prototype products, but we suspect it may be made available for West Dean’s Chilli Fiesta.

The sauce is an orangery brown in colour and is on opening the jar it has a very pleasant mild curry smell, which belies the heat within! Knowing Gerald’s over generous hand with the heat, I first sampled the sauce with a cocktail stick, and I am glad I did, WOW as the first hit is burning my tongue, I can taste tomato and garlic before I my taste buds are completely overwhelmed. I start to suspect this is a either a Naga or extract based curry, but is does not have the bitter smell or taste of an extract.

A quick chat to Gerald confirmed that is a Naga based sauce in the Madras style; the chillies used have been grown, smoked and dried by Gerald and his team in Cumbria, this product is a labour of love form a boutique sauce manufacturer (Not sure if Gerald will like the term Boutique, but I think his business full fills the “small specialist shop” descriptions and his products are very unique).

To taste the sauce cooked, I have just chopped up a couple of chicken breasts and lightly fried them in a little olive oil, and then poured on the sauce, make sure the heat is low and this can spit if you are not careful. As the sauces heats you smell the heat in this sauce (mostly in my nose and eyes) as well as garlic, ginger, coriander and cinnamon. Making this sauce they have used white wine vinegar, which has gives the sauce it slight sweet aroma. I made sure the chicken was cooked and then I served mine with plain rice, in what turns out to be a vain attempt to cool down.

This sauce is hot, very hot, you won’t find this in a supermarket, the flavours are big and rustic it’s not just heat for the hell of it. Gerald has called the sauce “Satan’s Ashes” with seem to sum thing up very well. I have to admit, I have now stirred in some cooling yogurt into mine (even hardened chilli headz need some protection).

This is a first rate sauce, but it’s not for wimps and needs treating with care and respect, for a lads curry night it a winner, for a winters evening warmer it’s a winner, I think this will sell very well.

Visit The Chilli Pepper Company for more information

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