Blair’s Pure Death Sauce – Review

by Darth Naga on August 5, 2009 · 1 comment

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Blair’s Pure Death Sauce

Blair’s Pure Death Sauce

So here I sit, looking longingly at my latest review sauce “Blair’s Pure Death”, it’s a sauce I have bought before, in fact my first taste was at last year’s Chile Fiesta in West Dean Gardens (Be there or be square chilefanz!! 8th and 9th of august this year!!).

I bought the bottle from the Hot Headz stand ( for those not in the know!), but it can also be bought at depending on shop preference really.

Blair himself has to be the most famous hot sauce maker other than Dave Hirschkop (Dave’s insanity sauce) in the world, and as such his line of products are expected to be of a higher quality than most, Blair started the death sauce madness back in 1989 when he was just 19 years old, he used the original death sauce to get rowdy punters out of his bar at closing time. Basically he would tell them that if they could eat all the hot wings made with this “Death sauce” then they could stay…needless to say not one patron got to stay after closing…fast forward to the present day and Blair’s famous skull motif has to be one of the most widely recognised symbols with chilefanz all around the globe!!

Nowadays people are eating sauces much hotter than the original death sauce, but a lot of us also strive for flavour, and that is where today’s sauce comes into its own. The sauce itself is bright orange, and i mean BRIGHT but yet this is all natural baby!! the colour comes from the Orange Habanero’s that Blair uses in this sauce, its slightly chunky too which is nice to see in a sauce like this, the ingredients are pretty simple, so let’s get those out of the way now:

Habanero chili pods, Naga jolokia, Vinegar, Hawaiian red salt.

That it, there is literally nothing more to it, and that’s instantly apparent the moment you sniff the bottle, you can literally smell Habanero and Naga…and nothing more! Upon lifting the bottle to my lips i realised this sauce tastes EXACTLY how it smells, fresh, clean, crisp and very warm..this is a sauce which was made for the people who love the flavour of Naga and Habanero chile but aren’t so fond of the bite, don’t get me wrong its hot, but its just not searing, and THAT is what makes it so great!!

The only sauce that i find is on the same level as this is Hot Headz own “Satan’s Sweat” because that is at the other extreme end of the scale, with the fresh taste of Naga and the searing heat coupled with it, for those of us with stronger stomachs and even stronger taste buds LOL!!! As i said at the beginning of this review, I have had this sauce before and i finished it within a couple of weeks as it was amazing, and that hasn’t changed, it’s one of the cheapest of Blair’s sauces at only £4.99 a bottle from either of the retailers mentioned, but it’s also one of his best and shouldn’t be overlooked just because its not as expensive as some of his other sauces! This belongs in EVERY chileheadz cupboard and should be sat proudly next to a bottle of “Satans Sweat” just so you can choose your heat before you eat!!

Blair’s Pure Death Sauce is available from and

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avatar Andy Batt August 5, 2009 at 5:29 pm

Loving the website, great review. Just ordered my first bottle of this stuff. Gona make some hot wings with hot-headz Buffalo Wing Sauce Original cut with butter, then bring the temp up with Pure Death.


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