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A summary of articles from the Chilefoundry during July 2009, click the link to see the fill story.

Top 10 UK Chilli Web Sites – July 2009 (July 31st 2009)

Orange Krush Hot Sauce

Orange Krush Hot Sauce

Who’s web site draws the most traffic, by looking at this list you cannot help that draw the conclusion that the number of quality links to a site has a significant benefit on it number of visitors (Google we understand uses the number and quality of the links to a site as part of it Page Rank system), if you look at the content of the sites at the top of the listing you also find that the amount of textural content is also a major factor.

South Devon Chilli Farm (July 30th 2009)

Growing over 10,000 chilli plants the South Devon Chilli Farm has grown a lot since it opened early in 2003.

Tesco – 10 Stuffed red & green Jalapeno peppers (July 29th 2009)

On a visit to Tesco, recently my hero’s after stocking 10 varieties of chilli peppers, I discovered a range of snack products called “To share…” I selected the “10 Stuffed red & green Jalapeno peppers” and as it was an “any 2 for £5.50” I also picked up some breaded chicken wings.

Hungarian Paprika (July 28th 2009)

The chilli was introduced to Hungary by the Turks during the 16th-17th centuries; it was not until the 19th century that paprika become the dominant spice in Hungarian cuisine.

Hot-Headz! Pasilla Pepper Sauce (July 27th 2009)

The sauce itself is a lovely rich brown color with black speckles and seeds and the label is bright yellow with the Hot-Headz green and red chile logo proudly displayed.

The Domesticated Capsicum Species (July 26th 2009)

There are five major Species of capsicums that are cultivated around the world and many other wild species. In technical terms the Chilli peppers are in the genus Capsicum which is part of the family Solanaceae making it related to the potato, tobacco, tomato and even the deadly nightshade.

Orange Krush Hot Sauce (July 25th 2009)

I’ve been sent a bottle of “Orange Krush” to taste and give my (expert? lol) opinion on, this sauce again comes from and i believe is the only place in the UK you can buy it, i say this as after a brief search using the trusted google, hot-headz was the only one that came up in the UK!

Kitchen Guru – spicy dal with coriander (July 24th 2009)

Kitchen Guru have some very innovative packaging, with small blister packs of herbs and spices retained in an instruction card. We cooked there spicy dal with coriander.

Basic Hot Sauce – Home made Louisiana style hot sauce (July 23rd 2009)

So you have been growing chillies and you now have a lot more that you can eat? Probably the simplest thing you can do with them is to make a simple Louisiana style hot sauce (Tabasco, Frank’s Red Hot and Crystal Hot Sauce are all examples of this Louisiana style). And it only takes a few minutes to make.

Chilli Pepper Pete’s – Dragon Slayer Enhanced Hot Sauce (Batch 3 Crystal Enhanced) (July 22nd 2009)

Chilli pepper Pete's - Dragon Slayer Enhanced Hot Sauce

Chilli pepper Pete's - Dragon Slayer Enhanced Hot Sauce

On opening the bottle, the smell is almost oriental, I just touched the cocktail stick into the sauce and place it on my tongue, the heat is instant, I am glad this was not a video clip, I am afraid to say I did not get almost any flavour or any aftertaste, just heat and lots of it. The heat did not last long, that is the advantage of using a cocktail stick and not a spoon.

Hot Headz & Scorchio Top 10 Products – July 2009 (July 21st 2009)

Each month we look at the best selling products from some of the UK largest retailers, this gives us and you an idea of what is selling well (So what we need to review)

Hell and Back Hot Chilli Sauces (July 20th 2009)

Hell and Back is a new Hot Sauce retailer. The web site is small at the moment, but they are adding new products quickly, some of the products are new to the UK, so they are well worth a look.

How to Cook Buffalo Wings properly (July 19th 2009)

Buffalo Wings in the UK are always a major disappointment, we just don’t seem to get it right.

Nando’s Hot Peri-Peri Crisps (July 18th 2009)

They are described as “….a crisp crunch of crisp, a delicate blend of lemon and garlic, a warm, gentle tingling on your lips, and a seriously hot kick in the back of your mouth….”

Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water Recipe (July 17th 2009)

In this version we have used Serrano or Thai chilles, but in Hawaii they would use the local plump, wrinkly Hawaiian chilli peppers that can be found growing wild in some areas

Trading in Chillies – NCDEX (India) (July 16th 2009)

In India you can trade in Chilli futures on the NCDEX National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd. The NCDEX is located in Mumbai, but with office around India and trades on over 50 agricultural based commodities including: Chilli, Coffee, Cotton Seed Oilcake, Kidney beans, Rubber, Soy Beans to name but a few.

HotHeadz Who Dares Burns – fans create advert (July 15th 2009)

We found this on YouTube and had to include it

Secretos Mayas – Green Habanero Sauce (July 15th 2009)

The sauce itself is their “Green habanero sauce” and it comes in a 230ml glass bottle with a label showing the habanero at its 4 different stages of ripening set again a yellowy orange background that seems to be a common theme amongst the habanero sauces I’ve been reviewing lately.

Pringles® Launches New Pringles Xtreme Range (July 14th 2009)

Pringles is launching four new flavours into the UK this July under the  name ‘Pringles Xtreme’

How to make Chilli Vodka and what to do with it when you do? (July 14th 2009)

My bottle of 5 year old Inforno Vodka, now sadly unavailable

My bottle of 5 year old Inforno Vodka, now sadly unavailable

Chilli Vodka is a very simple thing to make, it seems to have gone out of fashion at the moment. You can us any chillies you fancy, deep red chillies with give the Vodka a nice colour if left long enough.

Courses for Cooks – Chilli Cooking Classes (Nottingham) (July 13th 2009)

Want to learn how to cook, well Sarah from “Courses for Cooks” is running one day cookery classes in Nottingham including a special course just about using Chillies.

TABASCO® brand Habanero Sauce (July 12th 2009)

The aroma from the bottle is one more of fresh fruits, namely mango as opposed to habanero, the smell is deceiving though and you’ll realise that the moment you try this one, the McIlhenny’s mean business

Chimichurri – Argentinean BBQ Hot Sauce (July 11th 2009)

This is BBQ hot sauce from Argentina, served with BBQ beef or even used as a marinade.

Look what we found – Fellside Beef Chilli Con Carne (July 10th 2009)

In the bowl the Chilli has a thick sauce you only get at home by slow cooking, the flavour was better that most Chilli’s i have had out and better and may I have cooked myself (I never seem to do the same recipe twice).

UK fresh chilli market worth £14.5 million (July 9th 2009)

According to research company TNS the UK market for fresh chillies was worth £14.5 million

Simpsons Seeds – Peppers Sweet and Hot (July 8th 2009)

Vicious Viper from Cajohns fiery foods

Vicious Viper from Cajohns fiery foods

I always enjoy visiting Simpsons seeds, I have known Matt Simpson since we first had stands at the West Dean Chilli Fiesta may years ago and it is Matt who I turned to for help when writing my book (The Hot Book Of Chilles) to make sure I said the right things. He has also written an excellent book on the subject “Chilli, Chili, Chile: Peppers Sweet and Hot” which is you are growing chillies this book is a must have item.

El Yucateco – Green Habanero Sauce (July 7th 2009)

Open the bottle there’s a beautiful fruity/peppery aroma of fresh habaneros and the unmistakable scent of garlic, it smells lovely and i soon found it tastes as good as it smells!

ASDA Sun-dried tomato and chipotle chilli flavour crisps. (July 6th 2009)

Unfortunately there is not a lot of Chipotle in the bag, you can taste it, but it is far too little to be very interesting, that is not to say they are a bad crisp, they are tasty and a good quality crisp.

What is Capsicum Oleoresin? (July 5th 2009)

This is a concentrated extract from the chilli, it is made by mixing an organic solvent with the chilli mash, the liquid is extracted and then heated to evaporate away the solvent leaving behind just an oily red mixture that contains the capsaicinoids and colorants.

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Red Bean Soup with Ancho and Chipotle Chillies (July 4th 2009)

A delicious warming soup great served with fresh crusty bread..

Vicious Viper from Cajohns fiery foods (July 3rd 2009)

The little temp gauge claims its “XXXXX HOT” and after tasting this sauce only moments ago and typing this review through sweat and tears i have to agree!

A little bit of Tabasco™ history (1865-1906) (July 2nd 2009)

One of first successful commercial chilli products is a thin orange red and slightly sour sauce from Louisiana.

Naga Jolokia Crop Report 2009 (July 1st 2009)

Darth Naga at large

Darth Naga at large

This years Naga Jolokia Crop Expected to be poor

New reviewer joins the team (July 1st 2009)

Some say he has a mouth is lined with asbestos, others that he gargles domestos to clean his palate between tastings, most people call him Tony, but here we have named him Darth Naga

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