Hot-Headz! Pasilla Pepper Sauce

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Hot-Headz! Pasilla Pepper Sauce

Hot-Headz! Pasilla Pepper Sauce

Stuart McAllister started Hot-Headz about 14 years ago with just a handful of sauces from the american market in their catalogue, imported for us brits, nowadays they are slowly becoming the forefront for the uk hot sauce market, importing the best worldwide hot sauces and of course making their own brand sauces also, one of these is the sauce i have today, the “Pasilla” chile sauce!

Stuart believes this to be the only Pasilla sauce comercially available on the uk marketplace and i would’nt disagree, i’ve never seen one before. The sauce itself is a lovely rich brown color with black speckles and seeds and the label is bright yellow with the Hot-Headz green and red chile logo proudly displayed.

Vinegar, Water, Chile peppers (23%), crushed tomatoes, Garlic, Onion, Spices & xanthan gum.

The sauce itself smells highly of vinegar with a hint of spices but once tasted you’ll note the distinct peppery flavour and the nice amount of garlic thrown in…sure you’ll also taste the vinegar but its not so overpowering as to detract from the subtle smoky flavour present in the pasilla chile’s, in fact i believe the only thing this sauce lacks is heat, of which i found none at all, there is a sightly spicy tingle but the heat is’nt even comparable to the mildest of tabasco sauces, so psychopathic chile headz (myself included) who are looking for the next hottest thing may want to leave this one to the milder mannered chile fans!

The sauce is only available from and at only £2.99 for what is possibly the UK’s only pasilla sauce i think this is good value, especially for those who love flavourful sauce but don’t really want the heat usually associated with tastier sauces. I can’t think of anything to compare this to although Mrs Naga did point out that it tasted a little like spicy brown sauce, so take that as you will!

Pasilla Chile (image borrowed from The Spice House)

Pasilla Chile (image borrowed from The Spice House)

I would buy this sauce for the days that you want flavour with a hint of heat as opposed to the days when you’re feeling a bit nuts and fancy burning off the roof of your mouth!!! I have a bottle of this currently but don’t use alot of it as i prefer the wilder side of things that sell!

Till next time Chile Headz, stay sharp and keep breathing fire!!!

Editorial Note: The Pasilla Chile or Chile Negro as it is also know, is the dried form of the Chilaca chile. They have a sweet, dark and smoky aroma with an almost black skin. Together with the Mulato and Ancho they for part of the holy trinity of chillies use in the Mexican national dish Mole. – Hot Juan

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