Chilli Pepper Pete’s – Dragon Slayer Enhanced Hot Sauce (Batch 3 Crystal Enhanced)

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Chilli pepper Pete's - Dragon Slayer Enhanced Hot Sauce

Chilli pepper Pete's - Dragon Slayer Enhanced Hot Sauce

Chilli Pepper Peter is a maker of award winning sauces and one of the leading UK developers of Hot Sauces. It is interesting to visit Pete and his family, there is always something cooking to taste, and as they are just a few minutes from Brighton we have a reason to visit the shops as well.

In the post this week arrived a small bottle of a sauce Pete has been developing. “Dragon Slayer Enhanced – Batch 3 Crystal Enhanced” it comes in a small 60ml bottle with a green label (must nag Pete to improve his labels, this one is hard for us old duffers to read) on the bottle is a warning about the extreme nature of this sauce and a quick look at the ingredients makes me a little apprehensive.

Vinegar, Blueberry, Fresh Naga Bih Jolokia, Prunes, Crystallised ginger, cherries, Green Tabasco Chilli, Sugar, 6 Million SHU Extract, 12 Million SHU Extract, 15 Million SHU Crystal.

I always taste hot sauces initially with a cocktail stick so I can control the burn (I have tried a teaspoon to many times), if you do this remember to give the bottle a good shake first as the capsicum extract can float to the surface, but this sauce seems very evenly mixed with a darkish tan/brown colour.

On opening the bottle, the smell is almost oriental with definate smell or extract. I just touch the cocktail stick into the sauce and place it on my tongue, the heat is instant, I am glad this was not a video clip, I am afraid to say I did not get almost any flavour or any aftertaste, just heat and lots of it. The heat did not last long, that is the advantage of using a cocktail stick and not a spoon.

The second taste was a little less extreme, but is it still hard to find the fruits, but you can smell them, I think I got a hint of the ginger. I can as I write this still feel a cleaned area on my tongue where the sauce spread.

This sauce is definitely in the extreme heat rangeĀ  with it’s combination of 6 Million SHU Extract, 12 Million SHU Extract and 15 Million SHU Crystal. This sauce is not to be used neat, but is designed to be used in cooking or as a micro condiment (a very little on the edge of your plate)

If you are a fan of super hot sauces, this is a must for your collection, being produced in small batches makes each unique as the recipe is developed.

I have not found this on Pete’s web site so of you want a bottle, you need to email or phone 01273-705606.

Note: This sauce is available online at Scorchio

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