How to Cook Buffalo Wings properly

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Buffalo Wings in the UK are always a major disappointment, we just don’t seem to get them right.

Buffalo Wings, Blue Cheese Dressing & Celery

Buffalo Wings, Blue Cheese Dressing & Celery (Borrowed Image)

We cover them in sauce and bake them. Yuck!, the sauce comes off as the fat is released, the wings don’t get crisp and the sauce burns and tastes bitter.

This is one thing you just cannot do without a deep fat fryer. Years ago I had a deep fryer, we used it for chips and stuff, but we considered it so unheathy it had to go.. That was until I started to try to cook Buffalo wings, I had tried roasting them, grilling them, almost everything except having to buy another deep fat fryer.

Now I have a deep fat fryer again, this time just for wings and it has made all the difference to the taste and texture of the wings.

Cooking the Wings

Step 1 – Joint the wings with a large cooks knife or chicken shears so you have a small drum and a wing tip.

Step 2 – Dry the wings (Do not add anything, no flour, no salt, nothing)

Step 3 – Drop them in to your pre heated deep fat fryer and cook until golden brown.

Buffalo Wing Sauce

Buffalo Wing Sauce

Place them in a large bowl and add the wings sauce, there are 100’s of varieties of wing sauce, one of the best I have tried is Original Buffalo Wing Sauce from Hot Headz. But also try:-

You can make your own wing sauce?

Take a hot sauce you like, and add it to the same volume of melted butter and stir well, it is that simple

Traditionally they are served with Blue Cheese Dressing and Celery sticks, it gives you something to dip in to cool your mouth because you always make them hotter than you think and the celery, well I have never been sure about the celery, but I guess it also clean the taste buds between wings.

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