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India accounts for over 25% of the worlds chilli production

India accounts for over 25% of the world's chilli production

In India you can trade Chilli futures on the NCDEX National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Ltd.  The NCDEX is located in Mumbai, but with office around India and trades on over 50 agricultural based commodites including: Chilli, Coffee, Cotton Seed Oilcake, Kidney beans, Rubber, Soy Beans to name but a few.

Futures are contractual obligations to accept delivery of a specified quantity and quality of Chillies during a specified time in the future at a price agreed at the time the commitment is made. This gives both the producers and traders/manufacturers a stable price for the next crop against which they can work.

The varieties of chillies traded on the exchange are:-




Sannam S4
Skin thick, hot red Guntur, Warangal and Khammam Districts of Andra Pradesh
Less pungent Kamataka
Highly pungent, less red in colour, short and the seeds are compact Grown in Kheda, Mehsana and in South Gujarat
Tomato Chilli
Deep red and less pungent Warangal Khammam, East and West Godavari
(Sannam-S4 Type)
Reddish in colour and very hot Amaravathi District of Maharashtra
Birds Eye Chilli
Blood red in colour, highly pungent Mizoram and some areas of Manipur
Madhya Pradesh
G.T. Sannam
Red in colour and pungent Indore, Malkapur Chikli and Elachpur areas of Madhya Pradesh

India is the world’s largest producer of Chillies producing over 25% of the world’s production, closely followed by China 24%, Spain 17% and Mexico at 8%. Due to the strong domestic demand in India only about 4% of production is exported with the UK being one of the principle export markets.

Trading In Chillies

Trading In Chillies

For more information on the NCDEX please visit there web site

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