Vicious Viper from Cajohns fiery foods

by Darth Naga on July 3, 2009 · 1 comment

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Vicious Viper from Cajohns fiery foods

Vicious Viper from Cajohns fiery foods

Hello to everyone reading the blog here at The Chilefoundry!, my posting name is “Darth Naga” but you can call me Tony, i appear to be the newest member of the Chilefoundry team, and i’m looking forward to reviewing products for you chileheadz out there to enjoy!

Anyway, enough of my introduction, i’m here to talk about a sauce with a rather ominous name, “Vicious viper” is an extract sauce made by “Cajohns fiery foods”, Cajohn’s was started back in 1996 by a fire protection officer in columbus, ohio. Over time the company has made lots of different hot sauces priding themselves on the flavour before the heat, apart from a select few know as their “Ultra hot” range, and “Vicious viper” is one such sauce, with a bright green viper on a black label and a lil temperature gauge printed on the side!

Vinegar, habanero peppers, pepper extract, tomatoes, mustard, papaya, guava, pineapple,banana, water, sugar, passion fruit juice and guava juice.

The little temp gauge claims its “XXXXX HOT” and after tasting this sauce only moments ago and typing this review through sweat and tears i have to agree! (250K SHU) This sauce is REALLY hot and definitely not for beginners, when i opened the bottle i could smell the tropical fruit and a hint of extract, so i took a tiny sip and i was greeted with a nanosecond of tropical fruit flavours before i was hit with a nasty extract bite, searing heat and the metallic bitterness that the serious chileheadz have come to expect!

A bottle of “Vicious viper” will  cost anything from £5 to £8 depending on where you shop,, and ebay all have it in stock, this is a sauce for serious addicts only as i fear the bitterness would put off any chilehead padawans, personally i did’nt like it as the heat ruined any kind of flavour for me and the extract was just too overpowering, it reminded me of a milder version of Blairs “Jersey Death” but with less heat and flavour and a nasty bitter aftertaste from the extract.

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