July 2009

Who’s web site draws the most traffic, by looking at this list you cannot help that draw the conclusion that the number of quality links to a site has a significant benefit on it number of visitors (Google we understand uses the number and quality of the links to a site as part of it PageRank™ system), if you look at the content of the sites at the top of the listing you also find that the amount of textural content is also a major factor.

We are  currently logging the statistics for 20+ sites that we feel are important, if you think your site should be on our lists, please email us via our contact form and let us know.

Rank Company/Web Site Alexa Rank Links
1 Chillis Galore
2 Chilli World
3 South Devon Chilli Farm
4 The Chilli Pepper Company
5 MexGrocer.co.uk
6 Hot Headz
7 World of Chillies
8 Scorchio
9 Funky Pepper
10 The Chile Foundry
This is based on data from Alexa (data recorded on 22/07/09)

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South Deveon Chilli Farm

Growing over 10,000 chilli plants the South Devon Chilli Farm has grown a lot since it opened early in 2003.

Run by Jason Nickels and Steve Waters with up to 5 staff at busy times. The farm is spread between two locations and is situated approximately halfway between Torquay and Plymouth.

The main site is near the village of Loddiswell and is approx 10 acres with a small shop that they open all year round, 7 days a week, between 10am-4pm. There is also a show poly tunnel in which they display examples of the varieties they grow. The second site is in South Milton and consists of 4 poly tunnels

With 2,500 square meters of chilli plants, they harvested over a million chillies last year alone.

The Shop

The Shop

Their online shop sells Fresh Chiles during the season (July – November), Smoke and Dried chillies, Chilli Powders, Chilli Chocolate Preserves, Sauces and even a range of seeds.

Their latest range of products includes a Extreme Bhut Jolokia Sauce, Mash and Jam.

They have a wholesale online shop of their stockists, who while mainly in the south west can also be found as far away as Derbyshire and Cumbria, a complete list can be found on their web site. They have even got some of their products for sale on Amazon

A number of foodie celebrity including Jamie Oliver and Tom Parker-Bowles (We like Tom as he referenced my book a number of times) are amongst their fans.

They seem like a very forward thinking business whose growth is base on good service and products, we hope during the summer to visit them and bring back some pictures for you to see.

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Marks & Spencer has launched a new pepper they are naming the ACE pepper, so what is so special about this pepper?

This pepper contains half the vitamin A all the vitamin C and half the vitamin E our bodies require each day.

The pepper was discovered in Israel and has been developed by M&S in Waltham Cross. It is described as being a darker red and slightly longer that the normal bell pepper, with a lovely sweet flavour.

We will let you know more once we have collected some from our nearest M&S


Tesco – 10 Stuffed red & green Jalapeno peppers

Tesco – 10 Stuffed red & green Jalapeno peppers

On a visit to Tesco, recently my hero’s after stocking 10 varieties of chilli peppers, I discovered a range of snack products called “To share…” I selected the “10 Stuffed red & green Jalapeno peppers” and as it was an “any 2 for £5.50” I also picked up some breaded chicken wings.

The stuffed jalapeno’s took 14 minutes to cook at gas mark 5, and I served then with the included sweet chilli dip, the batter was crisp in places, but a lot thinner that in the picture on the packaging, the cream cheese was well spread, but the jalapeno’s had not a hint of flavour, none, they could have been bell peppers, but even they probably would have been better.

I will not go into the chilli sauce in any depth, just to say, it was probably made from the same chillies (Editorial Note: Please see our own Extra Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce recipe).

On the other hand, the chicken wings where great, a hint of spice in the coating, after eating a couple I poured some wing sauce on them and they made my day, the coating stayed crisp even after adding the sauce, lots of tasty meat. I recommend they add some good wing sauce in the pack and sell them as Crispy Buffalo Wings.

I know in the past I have complained about not deep frying buffalo wings, but with the crispy coating these worked well.

Visit www.tesco.com for more information.

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