Insanity starts at home….

by Hot Juan on May 6, 2009 · 1 comment

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Dave's Insanity

Dave's Insanity

Dave’s Insanity Sauce was the first super hot sauce I ever tried and was always one of the best sellers in our shop, while it was not always the best in raw flavor, it work well in recipes.

The sauce rates at approx 180,000 Scovile Units

Super Croutons: Geoff Clifford one of my old friends (How old Geoff Clifford?) used to make croutons using it, from memory the mix was 1 loaf of bread cut in to cubes (approx 1cm each) fried in butter/olive oil in a wok, to which he added about a teaspoon of the sauce.. it was always a great demo at shows and events..

Just in case you wanted to know how hot it is see the YouTube video below..

Ingredients: Tomato sauce, onions, hot pepper extract, hot peppers, vinegar, spices, soy oil, garlic, salt

Size: 148 ml

Available online at &

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