Hot Juan

Hot Juan

We are now over 8 months old as the UK’s top on-line Chilli Magazine, we have had over 80,000+ pages served so far and have written over 300 articles for the site, We have pages on Facebook and over 100 followers on twitter and the now famous videos on youtube.

We would like to thank all the people who have contributed to our success in 2009, so if you have had an article published,  provided recipes and sauces to sample or even just visited the site.

We thank you all.

Hot Juan (AKA David Floyd)

So what have we got planned for next year:-

  • Grow the Trinidad Scorpion as our experimental plant – We will show you over the next 6-9 month have we fare with this rare chilli variety.
  • Produce a monthly schedule of reviews – So you know what types of sauces we will be reviewing and when.
  • Find a chilli growing expert to write for us – There must be a chilli grower who can write and articles or two per month and growing chillies.
  • More Video Reviews from Darth Naga – Yes, lets make him suffer.. no maybe we will let him review some mild sauces as well.
  • Visit More of the UK’s Chilli Festivals – So far we have 5 on our events guide, and last year we  hadreports form 3 of them.
  • Visit more supplier around the country – I learn so much from visiting the UK chilli growers and sauces makers, the more I know the better the articles.
  • Syndicate more of our articles – We have a articles swap with Scott Roberts in the form of a chilli letter from America, we provide a chilli letter from the UK in return, we would love to expand this to other writers around the world for reviews and local recipes etc.
  • Develop our own monthly podcast service – We may trial a service in the summer, with reviews and interviews with our favourite suppliers.
  • More Promotional work with FireFoods and their Amateur Scoville Awards and Chilli Pepper Pete and their Brighton events.

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Trinidad Scorpion

Trinidad Scorpion

This is a most interesting looking chilli with it Scorpions’ sting like tail, they are part of the Species Chinense, I have not seen a confirmed Scoville rating yet for this chilli, but it is rumoured to be not far short of the Naga.

The pendant pods grow to between 3 – 8 cm long, ripening from green via orange to red, they have a unique scorpions tail to the pod.

We have been sent some seeds from The Chilli Pepper Company and intend to grow them as our 2010 experiment we will keep you updated monthly on our progress. Please let us know if you are growing any and how you are getting on.
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2010 FAT Rocoto Challenge

2010 FAT Rocoto Challenge

Do you think you can grow a big chilli?

This year thechileman is running a Rocoto Challenge to find the Rocoto with the biggest waist line! thats right, the the longest, but the fattest.

In the past years they have run simular competitions including :-

  • 2006 – Whippet Tail Challenge won by Luigi Mauriello from Italy 31.0cm
  • 2007 – Big Jim Challenge won by Steffco from USA 32.7cm
  • 2008 – Jalapeno Invitational won by ChiliPark from Finland 14.4cm

For more information and the entry details visit www.thechileman.org
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Hot Headz - Satan's Sweat!

Hot Headz - Satan's Sweat!

Satan’s Sweat is the new Naga Chilli Sauce from Hot Headz, and it needs be used with caution! It has a searing heat from the start, but with no Chilli extract used it does not have the a chemical after taste common with extract sauces this hot, the burn while very hot is not long lasting and far more natural.

I could not detect the Lime Juice, Passion fruit or Garlic, but I suspect this would become apparent when used to add heat to salsa etc.

Available in two sizes, a standard 148ml/ 5 oz bottle and smaller 59ml called the “Son of Satan’s Sweat” an ideal pocket size, when you know you will need more heat.

Ingredients: Water, Naga Jolokia 44%, salt, onions, lime juice, acetic acid, passion fruit, citric acid, garlis pulp, xanthan gum (natural stabiliser).

Compared to many Naga Sauces this has a very high percentage , 44%, of Naga chilli’s in the recipe, based on this we estimate the sauce would rate approx. 420,000 SHU’s (Scoville Units).

This sauce get a 5/5 stars for taste with heat, and is highly recommended.

To order youself a bottle visit the Hot-Headz web site

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